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Green is the New Red named one of 2011’s Best Books by Kirkus Reviews

December 30, 2011

You may not think that this book, written by Will Potter, has any relevance to you as long as you don’t “occupy” anything or travel to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in the attempt to dissuade Japanese whalers from illegally killing whales for “scientific” purposes. But it does. This book reads like a fictional thriller, full of cover ups and secret meetings and threats. But it isn’t fiction.

Even as a young kid, I understood why the founders of this country demanded freedom of speech – it gives us the ability to discuss and reveal what others may want to hide so that we can always speak out against what we believe is unfair. It gives us all the ability to form our own opinions and to make choices in a market economy that fluctuates based on our decisions and purchases. If you don’t want to listen, then that is fine too. The information might not make a difference to you, or matter enough to you; but at least you are able to hear it.

The title of this book might sound like another left-wing cry, but when you learn that the government now labels under-cover filming in meat-packing companies as terrorism, you can begin to understand how this “scare” effects us all. Without the footage, would McDonald’s and Target have pulled their contracts due to public outrage to under-cover footage taken at the poultry houses? I don’t think so. Would the public know that cattle with Mad Cow disease were being slaughtered right next to healthy cows? Probably not. It is not economically beneficial for these companies to reveal their own illegal practices; activists and advocates should not be labeled terrorists and subject to 30-year prison terms for having the guts to reveal what goes on behind closed doors.

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Green Is the New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege

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