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I’d like to sore Trump and his Big Lick

February 5, 2017


“We’ve been working so hard on this one issue for years. Years. And finally a widely-supported public regulation was set to go in effect on Jan. 24, 2017, but was withdrawn at the last minute by an Executive Order signed by Trump. Is this fair? Is this right? This has nothing to do with science; it has to do with greed and the ability of a few human beings to be sadistic animal abusers. It has to do with millions of Americans over the years demonstrating their compassion for these suffering innocent animals. Millions of voices saying “Stop torturing these animals. Just stop.” This is the perfect example of an “industry” unable to regulate itself; it’s so sad and heartbreaking that we need legislation to stop something so grotesque as soring. Get used to this; we are going to have to fight harder than ever the next four years to accomplish our goals. PLEASE sign this petition, add a note, and share it. Forums such as Care Petitions make it so easy; we really need to take advantage of how simple they’ve made it for constituents and citizens to send a message to their elected representatives.”

*I prefer not to post actual footage of how soring is performed. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure, please visit the following for more information.



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