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Recommended Reading

Animal Law

Animal Law Cases and Materials, Fourth Edition

by Bruce A. Wagman, Sonia S. Waisman, Pamela D. Frasch

The fourth edition of the premier book on animal law covers a rapidly developing field that is exponentially increasing its presence in both the public eye and on the list of desired classes for law students. In the past fifteen years, the number of animal law classes in American law schools has gone from less than ten to more than one hundred, and this casebook has been used as a model for courses internationally.

A Worldview of Animal Law

A Worldview of Animal Law

by Bruce A. Wagman, Matthew Liebman

A Worldview of Animal Law is a powerhouse of information for Animal Law professors and students as well as the curious citizen of the world. I highly recommend A Worldview of Animal Law to anyone interested in the state of Animal Law as it currently stands within the diverse countries which make-up our planet.” Jennifer A. Dietz, Adjunct Professor, Stetson University College of Law

Careers in Animal Law

Careers in Animal Law

by Yolanda Eisenstein

Released in September 2011, this book is for law students interested in animal law, seasoned attorneys seeking a new direction, or any lawyer interested in building a satisfying career.


Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty: Pathway to Violence Against People

by Linda Merz-Perez & Kathleen M. Heide

One reader says, “Although this book was graphic and at times difficult to read, it conveys a powerful message, with data to back it up. Even if you are unsure of the statistical lingo, the authors do a wonderful job of clarifying and explaining the results of their study. This book is an excellent example of how severe the effects of animal cruelty can be and that changes in society are desperately needed.”

Introduction to Animal RightsIntrodution to Animal Rights

by Gary L. Francione

One reader says,”This book is a masterpiece of work on behalf of the rights of non humans. This author is exceptionally intelligent and compassionate. He is a Law Professor–a Super Lawyer, and thanks to his training in Law, he REALLY drives his argument very very deep and straight into the heart of the matter leaving little forgotten.”

People, Property or Pets?

Edited by Marc D. Hauser, Fiery Cushman, and Matthew Kamen

Review by L. Hartke, Professor at Saint Louis University School of Law:
This provoking collection of essays makes readers take stock of their own view on animals and their treatment. The book balances both sides of animal issues by presenting opposing essays from lawyers, scientists,philosophers, and students. Topics include philosophy, law, cognitive science, biomedical research, and animal care. Each topic has essays both for and against the resolution with ethical and moral issues and questions raised in each topic area. Contributors include Temple Grandin, Gary L. Francione, and Bernard E. Rollin.

This book is not a light read, but rather one that makes the reader think and consider reevaluating his own views. The book balances both sides of issues about animals. Should society, law, or we as individuals think of animals as property? If we choose to view animals differently what will the consequences be? These questions can only be answered by each person individually.